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Stilt walkers
Yo-yo players
Trapeze artists
Wire walkers
Face painters
Henna artists
Balloon sculptors
Fire eaters
Trick ropers
Plate spinners
Kid acts
Fortune tellers
Mind readers
Hula hoopers
Top spinners
Block heads
Devil stick players
Knife throwers
Flag dancers
Sword swallowers
Cigar box manipulators
Temporary tattooists
Strolling Interactive Entertainment

Colorful characters transform the visual environment and event atmosphere by interacting with and entertaining your guests. Dazzling jugglers, stilt walkers, magicians, clowns, fantastic puppet animals, balloon sculptors, mimes, and more mix and mingle with the crowd.

Join-The-Circus Workshops

Patient, safe, professional instructors explain circus skills and give adults and children a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to try the specialized equipment themselves. Workshop topics might include juggling - an activity widely recognized to increase self-esteem, coordination, and cross-brain thinking - or other circus skills including acrobatics, clowning, stiltwalking, unicycling, trapeze, rolling globe, plate spinning, trampoline, wire walking, or balancing.

Full-Cast Circus Spectacular
This performance is a treat for all ages. Led by the traditional circus ringmaster, the one-hour show includes:
  • World-Class Specialty Acts - such as jugglers, trapeze artists, contortionists, hula-hoop manipulators, trained dogs, and wire walkers.
  • Clowns - they especially like to make fun of the ringmaster!
  • Audience Participation - A few lucky viewers will be chosen for a moment in the spotlight.
  • Fantasy Menagerie - Giant puppet animals enhance the circus atmosphere.
  • Fire Finale - To ignite your audience's sense of wonder!
This show is guaranteed to be the highlight of any event.
Mini-Circus Show

One or two colorful performers provide a show of varied circus skills. The show combines comedy and audience participation with circus skills such as juggling, magic, stilt walking, face painting, balloon sculpting, or wire walking.


Wacky Magic Show
A combination of new and old magic for all ages.
See a member of the audience levitate in mid air, wonder as Dikki throws balls of sparkling fire from each hand, and experience a snowstorm in July. Through audience participation, surprises and fun, Dikki makes the impossible become believable.
What's Dis?

The stuffy Professor Winklebottom's academic lecture on 1920s culture is interrupted by a lovable buffoon and shortly turns into a Daffy Duck-esque romp through the entertainment styles of the Great American Vaudeville. With live music, comic juggling, virtuoso concertina, mediocre saxophone, and really cool soap bubbles!

Juggler, Yo-Yoer, Cool Guy

Winner of gold medals in international juggling and yo-yo competition, Mark Hayward's performance combines comedy and object manipulation. He uses yo-yos, tops and juggling equipment, as well as nontraditional performing props like a Nerf® dart gun and a mouse trap, in a fun and witty style that can be enjoyed by anyone.


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Silly Billy Comedy Magic Show

The first part is a 45-minute comedy magic show. The children are totally involved with the show, and calling out and interacting with Silly Billy is encouraged. Several children come onstage to assist Silly Billy in the magic. Following the magic show is a join-in storytelling (15 min), in which selected children are dressed in balloon costumes to become the characters in the story.

Step Right Up - Side Show

Expand the realm of the possible by witnessing feats only imagined. Performers hammer nails into their heads, eat broken glass, swallow swords, and spit fire. Please request family-friendly or adults only!

Juggling Magic

Chris Chiappini is a true juggling prodigy. By the time he was 17 years old, he had already been recognized with high honors by both the International Jugglers Association and the Society of American Magicians. His show combines both skills with comedy in a high-energy display and is an inspiring testimony to the potential power of youth.


Team Rootberry

This energetic duo blends superb comic timing, world-class juggling skills, and inspired teamwork. These dynamic young men with dazzling smiles quickly develop a genuine rapport with their audiences. The show offers original comedy routines that are family friendly and fiendishly funny, a glimpse of the exotic world of the sideshow, and a crowd-pleasing giant beanbag routine. You will also see unicycles, flying pigs, and a real, flaming chainsaw. Their show is fast-paced and upbeat, with plenty of audience volunteer opportunities. You should always expect the unexpected when Team Rootberry takes the stage.


Circus Sisters

Two talented performers present a one-hour show featuring circus skills, physical comedy and great music. This fun-filled extravaganza includes jazzy juggling, spectacular plate spinning, mysterious magic, charming comedy, skillful balancing on a rolling globe, and light-in-the-dark neon swinging. Their dazzling visuals, charming wit, and lyrical style are simply delightful.


Magic Dreams Come True

The touching narrative about a young boy who sees his first magic show and grows up to be a professional magician is illustrated with magic tricks and includes plenty of audience interaction. The show contains comedy, magic, interaction, and a sweet ending that touches everyone in the audience. 90 minutes with an intermission.


Check out our Themed Educational Shows; great for schools and libraries!

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Small Print:
1. All options may not be available on all dates or in all locations.
2. Photos are representative. Specific shows may vary.
3. Many of these shows can incorporate a theme or message on request.