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Expanding the Brains of Bezos Scholars
Posted on Jun 01, 2009

The Bezos Family Foundation is a private, independent foundation established by Jackie and Mike Bezos that works to strengthen educational opportunities for everyone, regardless of economic circumstances, and cultivate learning as a lifelong process that begins in early childhood.

This year, the Foundation launched a partnership with the World Science Festival to provide an innovative five-day, all-expense-paid scholarship to bring five student scholars and five educator scholars from New York City's public high schools-one team from each of the City's five boroughs-to the World Science Festival, June 10-14, 2009. This was the pilot for what will be an annual event.

Playful Productions was delighted to send two juggling instructors to their kick-off event June 10 to teach the scholars, their educators, and the Foundation staff to juggle, an activity that has been consistently shown to improve cross-brain coordination and increase gray matter (see JuggleNYC.com/press). The young scientists learned the three-ball cascade quickly and were excited to practice their new skill.

Find out more about this valuable program at BezosFamilyFoundation.org

Update: These young scholars were as coordinated as they were bright! We had fun teaching them to juggle, and they all promised to practice their new skills.