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Sean Blue on NBC's TODAY Show
Posted on Mar 09, 2009

Watch for Playful Productions' juggler extraordinaire Sean Blue on Monday, March 9, on NBC's TODAY show. In NYC, TODAY is on channel 4, and the segment is scheduled to run at approximately 10:15am EST. Check local listings for times and stations elsewhere.

When TODAY called us for a juggler who could "impress fast," we immediately thought of the man Bill Irwin described as a "muggler," or master juggler. Sean will be performing briefly and then giving a quick lesson to show hosts Hota Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford as part of a series in which the hosts attempt to learn a range of different skills.

Update: After drinking a few Barbie-themed cocktails and slipping on their plastic Barbie-inspired stilettos (the program aired on Barbie's 50th birthday), the hosts didn't quite learn how to juggle, but they did have fun throwing the balls around

To watch the clip (on Sean's brother's website), click here.