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The Greatest Try-Out on Earth
Posted on Feb 24, 2015

Playful Productions is pleased to be partnering with Feld Entertainment to produce a workshop/try-out for local acrobats. Feld produces Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey as well as Marvel and Disney live shows and casts physical performers for multiple productions.


This workshop is held in conjunction with the arrival to the tri-state area of Ringling's Circus Xtreme.


Workshop highlights:


  • Dave Kiser, Ringling's director of talent will lead the workshop, talk about what he looks for in artists, and give advice for performers embarking on a professional career.
  • The Ringling Brothers free runners group will be performing at the event. The link shows a video of them performing on the street before Dave Kiser discovered them and brought them into the circus.
  • 20 local participants will demonstrate their skill at acrobatics, hand balancing, contortion, break dancing, and other physical disciplines that use only the body without relying on any props, equipment, or apparatus.
  • All participants get free tickets to Ringling Brothers's Circus Xtreme.

Audience and media will be invited.


Playful Productions is proud to be Feld's local partner, providing the performers for this event.


Tuesday, February 24, 2–4:30pm


Vanderbilt Hall

Grand Central Station

New York, NY