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Spring Tour with Circus of the Kids
Posted on Mar 16, 2013

This spring, I've re-joined Circus of the Kids, a traveling program that brings the joy of performing circus skills to children around the country. This tour includes residencies at a school and home for children ages 6-18 with special needs in Brewster, NY and at public middle schools in Spencer, OK and Brooklyn, MI.

Circus of the Kids has been brought its special mix of learning, exercise, character building and just plain fun to more than 500,000 youngsters across the U.S., teaching circus arts at schools, resorts, and summer camps since 1982. I've been working with them on and off since 2002, teaching juggling, clowning, trapeze and other aerial arts, trick roller skating, floor and mini-trampoline acrobatics, multiple-person bicycle tricks, rolling globe, and other circus acts.

Of course we'll be keeping up with our New York clients through phone and e-mail, so don't hesitate to contact us!


February 27–March 18
Green Chimney School
400 Doansburg Rd
Brewster, NY 10509
Tel: (845) 279-2995 x 306

Show Times
    Monday, March 18 at 1pm
    Monday, March 18 at 6:30pm

March 24–April 8
Rogers Middle School
4000 North Spencer Rd
Spencer, OK 73084
Tel: (405) 919-4357
Tel: (405) 706-6307

Show Times
    Thursday, Apr 4 at 8pm
    Friday, Apr 5 at 7pm
    Saturday, Apr 6 at 2pm
    Saturday, Apr 6 at 7pm
    Sunday, Apr 7 at 2pm

For tickets call 800-881-SHOW

April 9–April 30
Columbia Central High School
11775 Hewitt Rd
Brooklyn, MI 49230
Tel: 502-468-5496

Show Times
    Wednesday, Apr 24 at 7:15pm
    Thursday, Apr 25 at 7pm
    Friday, Apr 26 at 7pm
    Saturday, Apr 27 at 2pm
    Saturday, Apr 27 at 7pm
    Sunday, Apr 28 at 2pm

More Info

Find out about the organization: Circus of the Kids
Read my blog: Viveca.net


Spring tour was so much fun that I signed on for summer tour, and what do you know they asked me back for the fall! Now in October, we're just finishing an eight-month run that included five schools and eleven summer camps. I taught juggling, clowning, two different types of trapeze, trick roller skating, acrobatic bike, rolling globe, and other circus skills; performed with the kids in skating and trapeze; spotted kids on bikes and eating fire; ran the AV department; and promoted the show to local media. If you're interested in bringing Circus of the Kids to your community, I'd be happy to talk to you or put you in touch directly.